Monday, December 18, 2017

Dusting plumbing

My "vacation" with a three-month-old puppy and a 60-inch television ended last night. Now it's back to my regular life: Behind on Christmas shopping, no plan for holiday meals, likely no time for baking, and a pile of laundry that will not do itself no matter how many times I try to bewitch it.

After work I went to Mica's. Her mom is hoping to visit at the end of the week, which means Mica has gone into hyper-cleaning mode. This is the mode where plumbing has to be dusted.

While she cleaned the bathroom (and has now sworn off hairspray), I worked downstairs, vacuuming and dusting the stairs, family room and common areas. I may go back tomorrow night to help with the pipe dusting (no, I wasn't kidding), or I may beg off and do some Christmas shopping.

I am always so glad when the evening of the 25th rolls around.  


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