Sunday, December 9, 2018

Under the trumpet section


I knew I would fail at Holidailies on the weekends. There isn't time to write and post Friday through Sunday so I cluster post as soon as I can. Tonight I posted Friday's entry. I hope to add Saturday's tomorrow.

As for today, Mica, Sophie and I went to a Christmas cabaret at one of the vineyards. One of the singers is someone Sophie knows from church. She was fantastic, as was the man who sang with her and the keyboardist. It was a mix of Christmas songs and banter, and thoroughly enjoyable.

We shared a table with a woman who was attending alone. She was friendly and lovely, but she asked me if I was retired too. I wish. But more than that, I wish I had skipped the event and gone shopping for a better moisturizer.

Yesterday, a friend gave me two boxes filled with letters and other items that belonged to a man who grew up in the same small town as my mom. From what I can tell, he and Mom were a couple of years apart but would have been in school at the same time and would definitely have known one another. I'll explain all of this in another entry. What happened tonight is I opened one of the boxes and found a school newspaper on top. It's from 1941. Inside is a listing of band members, and Mom's name is listed under the trumpet section. I also found the graduation program from the year she graduated. I have no idea if I'll find anything else related to her or other family members, but I'm going to enjoy going through everything.

The letters will be particularly interesting. They were written during the man's time in the service during WWII. It appears he was a POW in Germany for a time. I doubt those letters will contain insights, but I'm anxious to read them anyway.

I noticed some letters are addressed to him at an address in Colorado. There's no street name or number; instead, it's the name of the place, probably a facility of some kind. They all contain the charming line "c/o Dining Room."

This is the first evening I've been home since Friday. It's getting late and I have not done any laundry, so this is all the further I'm going to get tonight.


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