Monday, December 4, 2017

Enthusiasm and energy

I was away from my office for about a half hour this morning. When I returned I found that my boss’ administrative assistant had stuck a Post-It to my chair with a note saying my boss needed to meet with me right away. A layoff announcement is expected this week, and I wondered if this impromptu and seemingly urgent meeting request had something to do with that.

It didn’t. He had forgotten to tell me something when we last met and wanted to go over it.

I finished the electronic holiday card that we’ll send out sometime next week. I’m not a graphic designer although it’s a large part of what’s required in this job. I couldn’t have created the animation from start so I found an inexpensive template, modified it to work for us, expanded it and laid in audio. It’s the first time I’ve used After Effects. I figured things out one YouTube tutorial at a time. Tomorrow I’ll show it to my boss for final approval. I'm pleased with it; I think he'll be too.

To say I lack enthusiasm and energy to work on projects that would otherwise be interesting and fun is an understatement. If I make it through the cuts, I’ll perk up again. 

Winter has arrived finally. From 62 degrees at 6 a.m. to 32 degrees now. A north wind is carrying garbage cans up and down the block. Good thing mine has 40 pounds of cookbooks at the bottom of it. 

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