Tuesday, December 5, 2017


The team in charge of the holiday party at work has added a twist. Gift bags filled by anonymous givers are showing up on doorknobs. It's called "sock me," I think. Once you receive one, you have 48 hours to fill the gift bag for someone else. One was left for me this morning so after work I went shopping. I plan to give one to the woman whose office is next to mine.

I was headed home when I witnessed a car accident. A SUV pulled out of a parking lot to make a left hand turn and was either hit by a car it had cut off or hit a car that it had pulled in front of. The SUV flipped over onto its roof. I saw it happen but the details faded quickly as I called 911 and checked on the people. As it turns out, I stay calm in these situations but I don't retain any information.

All the people in both vehicles were able to get out on their own. No one had visible injuries and everyone said they were OK. Those in the SUV had to crawl out through the rear window. It's amazing they were not injured given how crunched the roof was over the front seats.

 The accident happened at the entrance to a hospital and half a block from a fire station, so help arrived quickly. I sure hope everyone went to the hospital to get checked out. I do not envy how they're going to feel for the next couple of weeks. I was in an accident a couple of years ago and while I didn't sustain injuries, the soreness was incredible.


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