Thursday, December 14, 2017

Learning the ropes

I'm like a 1970s teenager--excited about landing a babysitting gig at a house with cable television.

I gave cable up a few years ago when I was about to be laid off, and I haven't gone back. I subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Acorn and Sling (temporarily). The only thing I miss is access to baseball (Sling allowed me to watch the postseason) and TCM. My plan for my weekend here is to binge on black and white movies.

Izzy and I are doing well, although she clearly misses Eve and Paul. I don't play tug-of-war quite right and absolutely don't roughhouse correctly, but that's because I don't want my hands cut to ribbons by sharp puppy teeth. I snapped the picture right after both of us had finished supper. We were sitting in the dark living room enjoying the Christmas lights on the bushes outside the window. Izzy was resting her head on the arm of the couch until the auto focus light on the camera got her attention.

Paul and Blaine's loft blockade is gone, sadly. I hoped to get a picture of it. I haven't spoken to Eve so I'm missing the rest of the story.

Uh oh, nap time is over. I have about two minutes before Izzy is awake enough to go another round with "rope man," the braided toy she adores. Wish me luck.


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  2. Aw, puppy. I have a canine friend called Izzy, too. Not sure if she has cable. :)

    [I was trying to comment with my Wordpress ID but that was a no go.]


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