Saturday, December 16, 2017

Getting used to one another

I'm late getting this written

And now the period key isn't working


OK then, bullets

  • Izzy woke in the night needing to go outside
  • After coming back in she began fussing in her crate and I ignored her because I thought she wanted to play rather than sleep
  • She got sick and threw up, but I didn't realize that right away
  • Finally, I did and then began a lot of worrying and uncertainty about how long it could go on before she needed a visit to the vet
  • At 5 am I called my best friend Mica to get her advice
  • Mica has a 9-year-old dog who is the love of my life and has taught us a lot about reading symptoms
  • Mica, most wonderful friend ever, drove over and brought her bottle of Nature's Miracle so I could clean the crate liner
  • Izzy was showing signs of feeling better
  • She drank a bit of water first then climbed into my lap and napped for a half hour
  • After some sleep she began eating and drinking, and was absolutely normal for the rest of the day
Which brings me a fun-filled evening of hyperactivity that included a lot of nipping when she wasn't getting her own way

  • While she had napped throughout the day, I hadn't and was dead on my feet by 10:00
  • She wouldn't go into her crate and was an onery mess
  • It took an hour to get her calm enough to consider the crate
  • I sat on the floor and petted her when she finally went inside
  • After she seemed calmer, I closed the crate door
  • She began fussing so I stayed on the floor and slid my fingers through so she could sniff, lick and (mostly) bite at them
  • Finally, I pulled the pillow off the bed and resigned myself to sleeping on the floor outside the crate
  • A half hour later, she seemed settled so I slipped into bed
  • We both slept through the night
I have no idea what made her sick.

The period key is back!

As I was saying, I don't know what made her sick. Maybe she ate something outside or maybe she's missing Eve and Paul and her routine. I've taken care of friends' dogs and foster dogs but Izzy is unlike any I've cared for. We'll work it out.

One positive thing that happened today is she walked with me up the street. We made it past five houses before she lost her nerve and turned around to head home. It's her call whether we go for a walk and how far we go. I think the exploration is good for her, and certainly the exercise is. Anything that helps burn puppy energy helps save my hands.

Speaking of the nipping, I've tried the usual things: Giving a yelp, pulling my hands away, standing and turning my back, walking away from her, going into another room without her. Nothing really works. Then again, it has only been a day. We're still getting used to one another.

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  1. I'm having the same issue with my (letter that comes after o) key myself. Grr, argh.


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