Saturday, December 16, 2017

The doorbell rang once

Izzy and I had a much better day. She was a wild thing this morning until she knocked my glass of water off the table while I was in the bathroom. After that, she settled down. I'd like to think she learned a lesson like the one the Brady kids learned when they played football in the house.

She entertained herself while I was glued to my iPad and Amazon. I have no idea what to give my brother for Christmas and I’m running out of time. I thought if I found some ideas I could run out for a couple of hours and shop. No joy, though.

Mid-afternoon I popped a giant bowl of popcorn, and Izzy and I were on our way up to the loft to continue our TCM binge when the doorbell rang. Blaine was waiting on the other side holding two extra large drinks from a nearby drive-thru. “Eve said you like Diet Coke. Thought you might need one by now.” He nodded toward Izzy, who was barely held in place by my hand on her shoulders.

Maybe it was sleep deprivation but I was thrown by his visit. I clumsily told him we were on our way to the loft to watch TCM and asked if he liked popcorn and old movies. I figured that gave him two outs if he didn't want to stay.

“I like both,” he said.

Meet John Doe was ending and Casablanca beginning. Not sure what triggered it but we ended up talking about France during World War II. Both of our dads fought in Europe. Somehow I ended up telling him about a nonfiction book I read a few years ago that described the lengths the French went to to hide wine from the Nazis. And from there we were onto wine, something I know nothing about but that he does. He suggested we go to one of the local wineries sometime, and I said the only thing I could, and now I don't know if it was an actual invitation or an actual acceptance.

Tomorrow my life goes back to normal.


  1. Sounds like both an invitation and an acceptance to me! Izzy sounds really adorable.

  2. I had my TV binge today with White Christmas and Miracle on 34th Street on AMC and then Now Voyager on TCM. No popcorn, tho.

    1. Glad you were able to binge! Miracle on 34th Street is one of my favorites. As hard as I tried, I saw very little TV all weekend. Izzy had an uncanny way of napping when there was nothing interesting on TCM and being wide awake and in full play mode when there was.


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