Thursday, November 29, 2018

Uncertainty and appetizers

Mica and I met at Greg’s restaurant for lunch. We still go every week, as we’ve done since discovering the place a month after they opened. Mica had arrived ahead of me, and I caught the two of them canoodling a couple of doors down. He said he was showing her the extra space he was taking over so he can expand the event/banquet space. I know what I saw, however.

I’ve always liked Greg and admired his approach to launching the restaurant. It took me awhile to see him as a good fit for Mica. He brings her out of her comfort zone in good ways. She seems to be able to encourage him and rein him when his ideas begin zinging around like an out of control pinball.

Near the end of the day she sent me a text about some changes that are occurring with the team she works with. She’s worried what this will mean for her job. Her job is frequently in jeopardy due to the structure of her workplace. There isn’t anything she can do but wait it out and see what happens.

We decided the best way to face stressful uncertainty is with a trip to Trader Joe’s to stock up on appetizers and interesting sounding cookies. We always do this in preparation of an all-appetizer game night with Sophie and our typical New Year’s Eve “celebration,” which amounts to telling the dog how cute he is while binging on whatever TV series we’re behind on.

With our arms full, we suddenly looked at one another. “Won’t you do something with Greg this year?”

“You'll definitely be with Blaine.”

We considered our filled cart. And decided to buy everything anyway.


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