Saturday, December 1, 2018


Sophie and I happened to arrive at Mica's at the same time. It was just after 9 a.m. and we were loaded down with shopping bags, some filled with flour, sugar, baking chocolate, pistachios and other items needed to make a long list of Christmas cookies. As I punched in the code to the garage, we joked that Mica was probably still in bed. She isn't a morning person and wasn't all that happy when we said we needed to start so early.

Part of the early start was due to the weather forecast. For the second weekend in a row it was supposed to rain a good part of the day then turn to snow. We wanted to finish before the turnover.

Mica was up but wasn't exactly perky. Sophie and I started mixing the first dough while she yawned in the living room.

It wasn't long before all three of us were in the groove. We mixed six doughs. While they chilled, we went out to lunch. After that it was several hours of baking. Sophie's sugar cookies seemed to quadruple while in the refrigerator. It was the Groundhog Day of cookies.

We finished five kinds -- two types of sugar cookies, shortbread cookies, gingersnaps, thumbprint cookies and cherry pistachio cookies. There's one more that I want to make before the holiday party at work. Mica and I may do that next weekend.

It was starting to snow when I left Mica's. It wasn't sticking so I went ahead and went to Blaine's for just an hour. I've hardly seen him this week. He's been working long hours. Last night we went out with Eve and Paul, and that's the first stretch of time I've had with him.

I didn't stay long. Just left him some cookies and talked for a bit. I was tempted to stay but I have to work tomorrow. If it doesn't snow too much, I'll take the laptop and work at his house.

Cheat Sheet for Holidailies

An explanation of the people you'll meet might be helpful. In this entry we have:

Mica--My best friend for nearly 30 years.

Sophie--Mica and Sophie once worked together and became friends. She has become of friend of mine as well.

Blaine--My boyfriend

Eve and Paul--Eve is my coworker and friend. She and her husband Paul have known Blaine for about as long as I've known Mica. Eve was best friends with Blaine's late wife. It was Eve's matchmaking that brought Blaine and I together.


  1. I haven't yet begun cookie baking. Next week. No, really.

    1. Happy holidays! It’s early for us to the baking. I just hope I can stay out of them for the next few weeks.


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