Friday, December 28, 2018

Christmas, at last


 Having come far in my convalescence, I decided it was time to rejoin society.

(And back off on British TV.)

I went to my brother's this evening to celebrate Christmas. When I had to cancel Christmas Eve, I apologized to him for not being able to get presents to him. I admitted I hadn't wrapped anything yet so I couldn't even have him come to my house to pick them up. He said he hadn't wrapped anything either and declared that this year we wouldn't bother. To get ready for tonight, I placed each gift into its own plastic shopping bag. To my, uh, credit, I did try to choose a different store's bag for each item. The orange Halloween bags from the grocery store were extra special, I'm sure you will agree.

We had fun with it, but I must say that wrapped presents are one thing I'm not willing to give up about Christmas. Next year there will be wrapping paper and bows and too much tape.

He was surprised and very happy to receive the drone. I wasn't sure he would like it, so I'm pleased. I'm also anxious to see it fly and find out how good the camera is. This is an inexpensive unit so I don't expect a lot, but I'm hoping it will be worth having.

We also celebrated my birthday with dinner at a steakhouse. The food was really good but the atmosphere was deafening. I may have to find a new place to go next year.

So, that's one part of Christmas finished.


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