Tuesday, December 18, 2018

First Christmas present


I sent the holiday card out this afternoon. Shortly after, I received an email from one of the recipients, someone from another company who liked it and wondered if he could have his assistant call to find out how they might do something similar. I can’t say for certain but I think the assistant had turned a bit green by the end of the call. It’s a bit too close to the holidays to dive into animation editing for the first time. A designed email is doable, and I offered to answer questions or walk him through the process if needed.

Eve seems very excited about tomorrow. She’s going to pick me up at 8 (!), we’ll go to breakfast (pecan pancakes), then hit the road to pick up the present for Blaine and do other shopping.

So, I can’t remember if I wrote about this or not. Sometimes I write things offline and never get them posted. Sometimes I do post them but forget.

I know I wrote about one of the prints he bid on at the art festival we went to this summer. It’s a black and white illustration of aspens with a swipe of yellow across them. (Apologies to artists everywhere for that description.) After we looked for bedding for his second bedroom and I noticed he seemed to be drawn to yellow, I toyed with the idea of buying the print for him. I hadn’t noticed the artist’s name so I sent a description to the email address for the art festival. It helped that it was an item on the silent auction and not simply one of the thousands pieces of art displayed. My email was forwarded to different people, finally getting to the artist, who sent information about purchasing a print.

The large print, which would have been perfect for the bedroom, was far outside my budget. A smaller print was within my budget but still expensive. I worried that it was too much for a first Christmas present and that it would make him feel awkward if I gave him something expensive and he gave me a box of assorted Post-Its or something.

I had to let the artist know by the end of last week. Obviously, I decided to give him a print but I selected an even smaller one. It’s probably a better size for his office than home, which disappoints me but probably doesn’t matter.

I can turn anything into a stressful situation.

Eve just sent a group text to the usuals. Tomorrow night there’s a caroling sing-along at one of the bars we sometimes go to on Fridays. Looks like that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow night.


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