Monday, December 17, 2018

Key ring


After we cleaned up from last Friday’s office party, I was able to get back to my regular work. Today it was more closed captioning of Henry’s videos. There’s a portion in one where he talks really fast and there’s no way the captioning can keep up. I asked him if he wanted to re-record that portion. He doesn’t. He sounded like this was one problem too many for this week.

I think many of us need a reset. Something about the last couple of months have taken a toll.

Eve and I decided to take Wednesday off. We’re going to pick up the print I’m giving Blaine for Christmas. I went back and forth about it for so long that the only way to get it in time is to go to the artist’s studio and pick it up. I’ll explain more about that in another post. I’m so far behind here, I just need to stick to one day.

After we pick it up, we’re going shopping just for something to do. I sent a text to Paul and asked if he wanted me to try to scout out something she would like for Christmas. He said yes but also said their daughter has him covered. I still don’t know why the slot cars fell through.

Blaine is on vacation until the end of the year. Today he picked Eli up from preschool and took him Christmas shopping for his parents. Eli picked out a KC Chiefs t-shirt for his dad and a picture frame shaped like a puzzle piece. I had told Blaine about the puzzle frames when he said he was going to the sporting goods store. They sold them in their home decor shop. Why there’s a home decor shop, I don’t know. They stock some cute things though.

After work I had to pick up my coat from the dry cleaner, something I didn’t get done last week. I went next door to the hardware store and had extra keys made for the new lock on my back door. I offered one to Blaine since he often beats me home if he comes by after work. As he added it to his key ring, he said, “We’ve come a ways since this time last year.”

This time last year I was avoiding talking to him even though Eve was doing her best to get us to be in the same place at the same time as often as possible. I didn’t think there was any way he could be interested.

I would still like to write about the final Christmas party we went to on Saturday. It was thrown by Kim and John, friends of Blaine, Eve and Paul’s. Another day, though.

For tonight, I want to take a hot shower, watch a Christmas movie, read a little and get to sleep early.


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