Sunday, December 2, 2018

Snow, cookies, holiday cards--sounds nice


A snowy day and a houseful of freshly baked Christmas cookies is a bad, bad idea.

I kept a plateful out and put the rest into the freezer where I will leave them alone until they’re needed. Pretty sure I will.

It didn’t snow much, about two inches. I peeked out the window when I first woke and decided there wasn’t any reason to get in a hurry about cleaning the walks so I climbed back into the warm bed. An hour later I heard my next-door neighbor, with whom I share a driveway, starting to shovel. I dressed quickly in my old warm parka, new extra warm snow boots and soft fleece not-going-to-rob-a-convenience-store hood and went out to do my part.

Although I could have followed that up with an indulgent day on the couch watching Christmas movies, I made myself connect the laptop I'd brought home from work to my monitor. I needed to work on the animated holiday card. I had gotten stuck on Friday trying to swap out a background (I'm adapting a template). I figured out how to do that today but haven't found a good substitute. I customized the rest of it. Fingers crossed that tomorrow I'll find a background and a decent music track so I can be done with it.

Blaine came by about noon with a couple slices of fancy pizza from a place near him. He needed to go to the office so only stayed until the pizza and a good number of cookies were gone. He said this should be the last of the extra hours.

“Can I take you out tomorrow night?” I asked. “Appetizers, drinks.”

“I’d like that. Thinking of any place in particular?”

“The bistro.”

“Oh, good idea. We haven’t been there in a while.”

Not sure when we last went but it may have been early spring. I remember it was still cold. I can tell you when we were there the first time: December 3, 2017. It’s when we met.

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  1. As much as I enjoy being out and about, my favorite kind of Sunday is a quiet puttery one, like you've just described.


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